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Despite misgivings and skepticism by certain industry authorities, Canadian’s in general, have welcomed the Smart Car ForTwo with open arms and pocket books.

This is especially impressive since the first smart cars in North America were introduced in Canada rather than in the United States.

Some would say that was a rather bold move by Mercedes-Benz of Canada. Since its launch over seven years ago, over 20,000 Smarts have been sold in Canada. Far exceeding everyone’s, especially Mercedes-Benz of Canada’s, predictions. Read the rest of this entry


When it comes to smart cars there are plenty of different questions going around about these cars. One of the biggest questions going around is if the smart car is really safe or not. Below we will go over some of the different aspects about smart cars that make them impeccably safe for drivers to drive around in. Read the rest of this entry


Because of its dimensions while focusing on remaining eco-friendly, smart fanatics have been pleading to have electric-driven alternatives for the Smart Fortwo gasoline model. It required practically 15 years, but Smart, GmbH did launch an electrical-driven edition which is now due to get a third revision. This new EV is called the third-generation Smart ED.

The Smart Fortwo third-generation ED electric drive will arrive in Canada in its full array of colors very soon. Dealers are taking orders as we speak. Pricing has been announced for the third generation, and the ED Fortwo coupe starts at 26,990 dollars, while my favorite, the Fortwo ED Cabriolet, will be 29,990 dollars.

The third-generation ED comes to Canada with a modified drive train, and like many all-electric cars, the lithium ion battery is placed under the driver’s seat to optimize the space, and thanks to its reduced size, the third-generation ED allows for a dynamic and flexible drive in the city and makes it easier to find parking. Within a metropolitan environment, it functions extremely effectively since it is much more competent when it comes to sticking with the movement of city traffic. Read the rest of this entry


Smart of Canada offers numerous models of the smart car These models include the Pure, Passion and the Brabus Coupe or Brabus Cabriolet and soon will offer a totally electric smart city car. Upon its introduction to the Canadian market in 2005, the smart passion made many Canadian’s take a second look this diminutive car. This clever city car is a great metropolitan automobile.

Mercedes-Benz Canada, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario is responsible for the sales, marketing and service of the smart brand. Mercedes-Benz Canada is the Canadian subsidiary of Daimler AG, who through smart, GmbH manufactures the smart fortwo.

Here is a directory of the smart dealerships located through-out Canada

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